Indian Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) meeting on policy relevant public health research initiatives

Ballabhgarh HDSS (AIIMS, Delhi), Birbhum HDSS (Society for Health and Demographic Surveillance, West Bengal State) and Vadu HDSS (KEMHRC Pune) are INDEPTH (International Network for the Demographic Evaluation of Populations and Their Health) member centres. INDEPTH has 52 health and demographic surveillance system (HDSS) sites run by 45 research centres in 20 countries in Asia and Africa. INDEPTH encourages and facilitates translation of research findings for maximizing impact on policy and practice at site and national level.

As Indian HDSS centers, we have created a longitudinal database of vital demographic events including birth, death, marriages and migrations. Each one of us though has different mandate (Ballabhgarh- academics, Birbhum- service delivery and research in lever diseases and Vadu- community based health research) yet we have one important commonality which is our mandate for conducting demographic surveillance. Additionally Indian HDSS are engaged in diseases burden studies in communicable and non-communicable diseases, vaccine studies as well as other epidemiology studies.

As a joint activity of INDEPTH member centres, we envisage to compliment government’s efforts for enhancing public health research in India that will help develop evidence based people friendly health policy and public health program. Hence, we are organizing a brain storming on how to leverage HDSS strengths for better policy and program. As stakeholders researchers, academicians; country, state and district level representatives working in public health policy making would participate in the proposed meeting.

The meeting is scheduled on Tuesday 6th January 2015 (1100 - 1300 hours) at KEM Hospital Research Centre auditorium.

OBJECTIVE: INDEPTH Network has been striving to increase use of INDEPTH’s evidence-based recommendations by governments and other stakeholders in their decision making by 2016. Further to this objective, HDSS centres in India are looking forward to provide policy relevant output in the field of health and demography in India. The proposed meeting envisage bringing members of all three sites, bureaucrats and policy makers in India together. This meeting would target informing the policy makers about importance of HDSS and identifying gaps between research by HDSS and relevant policy.

OUTCOMES: Identifying and addressing the gaps between Health Policy and health and demographic surveillance research. FUNDER: INDEPTH Network

ORGANIZER: Rutuja Patil

For complete report please check this link: Meeting Report

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