Vadu Rural health program (VRHP) of King Edward Memorial Hospital Research Centre (KEMHRC) hosted a cultural cum sports event between 1st February, 2019 to 15th February, 2019. It was a time to celebrate and look forward to the journey ahead! The Vaduphoria 2K19 was filled with some amazing events like the blood donation camp, karaoke evening, various sports competitions, traditional day, food competition, debate, an awareness rally on organ donation and various cultural programs. read more about Vaduphoria...


Beginner’s manual of Anthropometry:

Anthropology is the scientific study of human and human behavior and societies in the past and the present. Anthropometry is the science that helps to measure human body. This is an aspect of human being that is extremely important for human use which includes length, weight of human organs. A manual prepared by KEM Hospital researchers has simplified the process how to take precise measurements. Manual was released at Anthropology congress held recently at Pune University.

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Women’s Day Celebration:

‘‘Kiti hi degrya ghetlya ani kitihi tu shiklis tari tu bhukechya welela chulhivar degrya nahi jaalu shakat’’ (no matter how many degrees you take or no matter how educated you are you can never use the degree to burn the fire to cook food). Dr. Jyoti Shirodkar quoted her mother in the beginning of her speech and explained how these words by her mother have always stayed integrated in her mind and helped her succeed in life. On the occasion of Women’s Day, a program was organized by the Vadu Rural Health Program (VRHP) of KEMHRC on 8th March 2019. Dr. Jyoti Shirodkar, Ayurvedic Consultant and a professor at Tilak Ayurveda college was invited as the guest of honor to address the staff about the importance and duties of womanhood. Her words inspired our entire staff when she shared her personal experiences about how she had managed to take care of her household and all the outstanding work she has done in the field of Ayurvedic Research with the help of her entire family, who staunchly supported and prompted her to fulfil her goals in life. She believed that if a woman needs to be a feminist, she need not be an activist. Everyone should celebrate the differences between a man and a woman. Woman should celebrate womanhood itself as a unique and beautiful experience. Accepting the differences and rejoicing them is the key to be happy in life and an ideal way to celebrate women’s day. She concluded her speech by a take home messages for all women “Eat well, exercise daily and sleep for at least 6-7 hours in order to stay healthy and be ready to face all the challenges and duties that womanhood has to offer; women are blessed with great capabilities and capacity of handling all big and small responsibilities.”

                                                                                                                                                                          Written by- -Diksha Singh



Epidemiology and Research Methods workshop at KEMHRC Pune:

don’t change, theories do! - JP Muliyil. Nearly 25 researchers from KEM Hospital Research Centre Pune (KEMHRC) were eager to listen to how to look at epidemiological facts, in a three-day session on “Epidemiology and Research Methods”. This session was conducted by Prof. J.P. Muliyil of Christian Medical College Vellore, from the afternoon of 8th Oct 2018 till 10th Oct 2018. JP as he is fondly called is a well-known epidemiologist in India and is associated with PRERNA platform since the inception. The workshop covered the basics of epidemiology which obviously stared with Prevalence and Incidence of conditions. The workshop-participants also conducted survival analysis through an exercise given by JP which was followed by the measures of variability, sensitivity and specificity. JP also discussed various study designs and supported the theory with real life examples and research studies. The three-day workshop has been an enriching experience to the participants which included a range of people from senior clinicians, to PhD student to projects managers. Two Young Investigators from SAS also joined the workshop. One of PRERNA Mentors, Dr Sanjay Juvekar was the coordinator for this workshop. This lecture series was video recorded and these videos are available for everyone to watch on YouTube. Kindly find the links below: Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4







Vadu in media:

Vadu Mortality News:

Largest ever dataset on individual deaths in Africa & SE Asia reveals changing health of developing world

An unprecedented insight into the changing health of people across Africa and Asia - including the fluctuating burdens of HIV, malaria and childhood mortality - is revealed today (29th Oct 2014) by the publication of the largest ever dataset of individual deaths recorded on-the-ground.

More than 110,000 individual deaths and their causes across 13 countries including India, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Bangladesh and Vietnam are part of the new INDEPTH dataset. The data, collected by hundreds of researchers over two decades, are the first meaningful community-based information about cause of death in countries where individual deaths are not recorded automatically by national governments. Vadu Rural Health Program (VRHP), KEMHRC Pune is part of this work since 2003 and since then is monitoring the population for demographic events in 22 villages from Shirur and Haveli block.

The INDEPTH Network is one of the few international population health agencies based in the global South. VRHP is one of the very active member centres of INDEPTH Network. The INDEPTH cause of death findings are published in a special issue of the journal Global Health Action, which is fully open access. There are six multisite papers dealing with specific causes of death: HIV/AIDS, malaria, pregnancy-related, external causes (including accidental death and suicide), adult non-communicable diseases and childhood illness. Other papers describe methods, and many sites have contributed papers with local details.

 Read more about Vadu mortality news

Dr. Ganguly Visit :

Dr. N. K. Ganguly former Director General of ICMR and Chairperson of Scientific Advisory Committee of KEMHRC visited Vadu on 05th Jan 2015.

 Read more about Dr. Ganguly visit to Vadu

Vadu HDSS Policy Meeting Report Appendices (6th Jan 2015) :

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Vadu Rural Health Program – Walk for hygiene and health
Vadu Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) have completed 10 years and to mark the occasion, Vadu Rural Health Program (VRHP), KEM Hospital Research Centre, has organised a walk. This event aims to create awareness about health and hygiene. VRHP has served 22 and more villages near Vadu since last four decades. The mission of VRHP is to provide evidence based, sustainable and rational health care solutions for the rural population using globally relevant community-based ethical research. Vadu HDSS is supporting this mission by surveying nearly 35000 households in these 22 villages every 6 months. VRHP has always been on forefront of health issues and have worked in related area since inception. First demographic round of Vadu HDSS was initiated in August 2002. Recently, it has conducted 21st round of demographic surveillance. To mark this occasion a walk to create awareness on health and hygiene is organized on 9th January 2013. The walk will commence from Koregaon Bhima at 8:30 am and will conclude at the Sambhaji Maharaj memorial Vadu.



SAC commends VRHP Work
Scientific advisory Committee- KEMHRC, Pune acclaimed Vadu Rural Health Program (VRHP), KEMHRC, Pune of doing commendable work in community based research. The committee comprises of eminent scientists- Dr. N.K. Ganguly, Dr. A.S.Nanivadekar, Dr. Ranjeet Roy Chaudhary, Prof. R.K. Mutatkar, Dr. Usha Krishnan, Dr. F.F. Wadia and Dr. K.J. Coyaji. Dr. V.S. Padbidri is secretary of the committee. Overall information on studies conducted at Vadu was given by Dr. Sanjay Juvekar, Officer in charge, VRHP followed by Dr. A.S. Kawade who informed about Typhoid Vaccine trails; Hanif Shaikh presented on the Rota Virus Vaccine trail; Pallavi Lele presented the analysis conducted on the data of Influenza disease burden study; Dr. Ankita Shrivastava presented the preliminary analysis of Ayurgenomics study and Veena Muralidharan informed on the indoor air pollution and related studies conducted at Vadu. All presentations were concluded by Dr. Juvekar who was appreciated by SAC members for excellent growth chart of VRHP. Dr. Ganguly, Chairman of the committee referred VRHP as goldmine for disease burden data and also mentioned that VRHP could coordinate large community based studies like Vaccine trails in India. Dr. Mutatkar mentioned VRHP having impact on global networks like INDEPTH and appreciated the presence of VRHP at global level. Other comments suggested that VRHP could provide good public health management for other sites in India and thus becoming primary players in community based studies in India.



Workshop on 'Detailed objective Phenotyping' under csir-trisutra
Vadu Rural Health Program has organized a 7 day (16th -22ndMarch) workshop with support from IGIB (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology), New Delhi who is the pioneer in Ayurgenomics study. Read More



CIDP Workshop
'Clinical Investigator Development Program' (CIDP) workshop was organized by KEMHRC, Pune and VRHP with the support from CDSA, PATH and OWH from 17th June 2013 to 20th June 2013.



Inauguration of INDEPTHStats
The 1st of July 2013 was a vital day for both KEM Hospital Research Centre (KEMHRC) and VRHP. The Two websites namely the INDEPTHStats and INDEPTH Data Repository were launched in the auditorium of KEM hospital research centre by Dr K J Coyaji, Medical Director, KEM Hospital.


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