Dr. N.K. Ganguly

Dr. N. K. Ganguly former Director General of ICMR and Chairperson of Scientific Advisory Committee of KEMHRC visited Vadu on 05 Jan 2015. During his visit, he discussed with the vadu team various research opportunities which are required to scale up community research in India.
He explained how community-based research is very important and its contribution has a tremendous impact towards understanding how local environments impact the health status of a population. Some of the key areas of research discussed were to study antibiotic resistance via use of antibiotics at various levels in the community and understand treatment seeking behavior, to study sudden unexplained death in children/infants, to develop vigorous communication models for flow of information and various other opportunities. He also mentioned how the concept of HDSS could be scaled throughout the country to develop various good research projects.

He therefore concluded by making everyone realize-diagnosis needs to be followed by compliance; He stretched upon the fact knowledge needs to be well managed, analyzed and used in the right manner to contribute towards the development of health status of India.

Written by-Ms. Nikita Choudhary

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