Vaduphoria 2K19

Blood donation camp:

A blood donation camp was organized by the KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune. The camp was inaugurated by the Officer in Charge, Dr. Sanjay Juvekar and the Project Manager, Dr. Girish Dayma. More than 30 volunteers, including people with rare blood groups from various projects and departments of VRHP were seen participating in this camp with great vivacity. The entire staff came together to participate and support this social cause with great enthusiasm and a deepened social awareness amongst them. A certificate of appreciation and refreshments was given to each donor as a token of gratitude. The event was coordinated with support from the KEM Hospital Blood Bank.

Sports Events:

The sports event was diligently organized with a lot of soul to it, a soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. The sports day included some competitive games of Cricket, volleyball, throw ball, tug-of-war and sack race. The staff was randomly divided amongst four houses, namely Bhama, Bhima, Velu, and Indrayani. All sports activities were fun and entertaining and all participants had a great time. Fighting for the common goal with a group of players teaches us team spirit and helps to effectively communicate in order to solve problems. This experience is helpful when encountering problems at work and build a good rapport among team members.

Vadu Rally –Theme – “Importance of Organ Donation":

“In my end is my beginning” A slogan which filled everyone with heartfelt emotions on the day of the event of Organ Donation rally. VRHP team and students from Koregaon Bhima School participated in the rally to create awareness on organ donation amongst our society. The rally started with brief introduction by Dr.Sanjay Juvekar wherein he explained the significance of the rally to the crowd. The rally was flagged off from Koregaon Bhima to Vadu Budruk. Dr.Aanad Kawade and Mr.Arun Dhongade cheerfully motivated VRHP team and students. The participants marched through main thoroughfares carrying placards and banners with slogans underlining the importance of organ donation. The rally ended with a speech by Mrs. Meena Kurlekar who addressed the crowd by stating how awareness is the key for more and more people to come forward and participate in this noble deed. For organ recipients, transplant is a second chance to life. It means that a patient from his death bed returns to a normal life in the form of his donated organ. The act of donation can save the lives of up to eight individuals.

Vadu Rally –Theme – Cultural Events:

The cultural events were celebrated by the staff members of VRHP KEMHRC for a complete week which ranged from celebrating various days wherein everyone had to dress up in a mis-matching or twin manner, debate competition, etc all commenced by cultural programs. The days that were organized also included traditional day, a rangoli making competition, wherein all the participants showcased their creativity and unique talent. A debate competition was held on the topic, “Is there a requirement for old age homes in rural area?” .The competition was worth every bit and the audience enjoyed it thoroughly. The competition revealed many aspects, challenges and solutions for this issue before the audience. The debate competition proved to be an excellent learning experience and also made everyone realize the need to introspect oneself. The Karaoke evening was one of the healthiest and most entertaining events for all the members. The various small events like food competition, mismatch day, twin day showcased some great participatiom. At the of all these amazing activities, everyone was enjoying and had a pleasant sense of well-being. Such wonderful events provided participants with freedom of expression and an opportunity to discover their hidden talent.

Vaduphoria 2k19 concluded with a wonderful day filled with some breathtaking of cultural events. This program was honored by the presence of our chief guests Prof. Chittranjan Yajnik, Director, Diabetes Unit, KEM Hospital, Pune, Prof. Yezdi Eruch Batliwala, Member of the Indian Maritime Foundation and a Past President of Rotary Club of Poona Downtown, Dr. Laila Garda, Director – KEM Hospital and research (KEMHRC). A small speech by Dr.Sanjay Juvekar about the magnificent journey of VRHP. This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony, wherein certificates, medals, shields and cups were awarded to players for achieving success in their respective sports, events and best performance in various projects. This was followed by an array of dance, drama and songs by the team members. The performances were amazing and equally entertaining. There was also a great arrangement for some lip smacking dinner which was very appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. It was a very colorful day where everyone enjoyed to their fullest and will definitely be remembered as a memorable day for a long span of time.

                                                                                                                                                                          Written by- Dr.Bharat Patil

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