Beginner’s manual of Anthropometry

Researchers at KEM Hospital’s Vadu Rural Health Program Dr. Sanjay Juvekar said, “Among all the applications of Anthropology, health scientists, field workers in the field of nutrition science it helps to understand growth and development of children and various aspects of adult life”. The studies are often conducted by medical professionals who are not trained in conducting Anthropometry, hence this manual helps such professionals who are beginners to conduct Anthropometry in correct and scientific manner.According to Rutuja Patil another researcher to realize the crucial value for accuracy of Anthropometry data , the manual of operations that focuses more on how to conduct Anthropometry than science of Anthropometry. This peculiar feature of the manual makes it unique and very different than most available text books of Anthropometry that describe Anthropometry. This manual is intended for all healthcare professional field staff and helps to understand the steps that need to be taken during data collection in order to accurately measure and weigh children. It is easy to make errors during measurement if proper precaution not taken. It is important for field workers that they should follow the instructions in the field and also review them regularly. For this accuracy this manual plays key role. This manual will fulfill the purpose of trainers to train and those accurately and scientifically conducting Anthropometry.Biological anthropometry focuses on the study of humans and non-humans primates in their biological, evolutionary dimensions. It examines the biological and social factors that have affected evolution of humans and that generate , maintain or change contemporary genetic and physiological variation. In the field of nutrition science, to understand growth and development of children and various aspects of adult life. Hence the manual helps health professionals who are beginners to do anthropometry in accurate manner.
Researchers including Ankita Shrivastav, Himangi Lubree and Shaunak Kulkarni, the head of anthropology at Pune university said that it provides minute details of conducting anthropometry also in the field setting. In this manual there is provision of the measurement along with the techniques of landmarks makes the manual more user friendly. “Every instrument is described precisely in the manual along with clear photographs which explains how to use it. This manual contains a separate chapter on neonatal measurements along with photographs for clarity” Shrivastav said.

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