Outreach Program


Outreach program at Vadu, started as an extension of the primary health care unit which provided quality primary health care to the population in the 22 villages from Shirur and Haveli block. The objective of this program was to test and evaluate innovations in health care delivery. It was run under a unique public private partnership in primary health care and involving implementation of all National Health Programs of the Government of India.

As the population increased Vadu Rural Health Program focused on 14 villages for ANC and vaccination under National health programs. Other activities at VRHP enabled us to provide health education in Shirur and Haveli blocks, through health camps and dissemination meeting.

VRHP organizes health check-up camps in various Primary Health Centres around Vadu free of cost. Ante Natal care, Opthalmology, immunization and other facilities are provided to population through these camps. Till date, VRHP has received a huge response to these camps.

Dissemination of results for the research is regularly done in the villages where the research activities took place. This dissemination is usually done in the community meeting organized at village level to the population. Private Doctors in Vadu area are also educated through the ‘Continuous Medical Education (CME)’ Programs.

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