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 Topic of the Presentation             


 1.  24 Nov 2021

 Ms. Diksha Singh    

 Vadu science club presentation - ARISE Adolescent Health Survey: harnessing longitudinal data and digital technologies to improve adolescent health

 2.  27 Oct 2021

 Ms. Rutuja Patil    

 A model for national assessment of barriers for implementing digital technology interventions to improve hypertension management in the public health care system in India

 3.  20 Oct 2021

 Ms. Rashmi Sangoram    

 Vadu science club presentation – The Controlled Human Infections Model study (CHIMS)

 4.  13 Oct 2021

 Dr. Sulaksna Bansode    

  Efficacy of transdermal delivery of liposomal micronutrients through body oil massage on neurodevelopmental and micronutrient deficiency status in infants: results of a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial"

 5.  06 Oct 2021

 Dr. Shraddha Rasage    

 Vadu science club presentation- about our ongoing study of Probiotics supplementation in LBW neonates and attached study protocol

 6.  29 Sep 2021

 Dr. Shrish Raut    

 Effect of probiotics on perinatal outcome in patients at high risk of preterm birth

 7.  22 Sep 2021

 Mr. Vivek Pakhare    

 Experiences and needs of patients with MDR/XDR-TB: a qualitative study among Saharia tribe in Madhya Pradesh, Central India

 8.  15 Sep 2021

 Ms. Aakanksha Chaudhari    

 Changing Perspectives in Tribal Health: Rising Prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases among Tribal Population in India

 9.  08 Sep 2021

 Ms. Dipali Patil    

 A prospective observational safety study on ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 corona virus vaccine (recombinant) use in healthcare workers- first results from India

 10.  01 Sep 2021

 Ms. Komal Advani    

 Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Elderly and High-Risk Adults

 11.  18 Aug 2021

 Ms. Sarika Deshmukh    

 Multicentric Hospital-Based Surveillance of Pertussis Amongst Infants Admitted in Tertiary Care Facilities in India

 12.  11 Aug 2021

 Mr. Shrikant Masalkar    

 Socioenvironmental factors associated with heat and cold-related mortality in Vadu HDSS, western India: a population-based case-crossover study

 13.  04 Aug 2021

 Dr. Amol Mankar    

 The changing patterns of cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors in the states of India: the Global Burden of Disease Study 1990–2016

 14.  28 Jul 2021

 Mr. Prakash Hurali    

 Effect of a High-Protein Diet versus Standard Protein Diet on Weight Loss and Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized Clinical Trial

 15.  23 Jul 2021

 Dr. Varsha Maske    

 Women’s Health After Pregnancy and Child Outcomes at Age 3 Years: A Prospective Cohort Study

 16.  14 Jul 2021

 Dr. Santosh Patil    

 A prospective, interventional, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Bacillus coagulans LBSC in the treatment of acute diarrhea with abdominal discomfort

 17.  07 Jul 2021

 Ms. Mrudula Holkar    

 Nutritional assessment among adult patients with suspected or confirmed active tuberculosis disease in rural India

 18.  30 Jun 2021

 Dr. Suyog Deshmukh    

 Marriage-based pilot clean household fuel intervention in India for improved pregnancy outcomes

 19.  16 Jun 2021

 Dr. Anil Pardeshi    

 Etiology of Childhood Pneumonia: What We Know, and What We Need to Know!

 20.  09 Jun 2021

 Dr. Shraddha Rasage    

 Antibiotic overuse in premature low birth weight infants in a developing country

 21.  02 Jun 2021

 Ms. Rashmi Sangoram    

 A qualitative study exploring women’s journeys to becoming smokers in the social context of urban India

 22.  26 May 2021

 Dr. Ashit Meshram    

 Pneumococcal carriage in children with COVID-19

 23.  19 May 2021

 Dr. Shirish Bhujbal    

 Critical Review Type-2 Diabetes: Current Understanding and Future Perspectives

 24.  19 May 2021

 Ms. Shindhu Nila    

 Nations within Nation: variations in epidemiological transitions across states in India - Global burden of diseases 1990-2016

 25.  05 May 2021

 Dr. Dhiraj Agarwal    

 Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in India: Findings from the national serosurvey, May-June 2020

 26.  28 Apr 2021

 Dr. Girish Dayma    

 COVID-19 dynamics after a national immunization program in Israel

 27.  07 Apr 2021

 Ms. Diksha Singh   

 Depression, anxiety, and stress and socio- demographic correlates among general Indian public during COVID-19

 28.  24 Mar 2021

 Dr. Harshpreet Kaur    

 Burden of dengue infection in India, 2017: a cross-sectional population based serosurvey

 29.  24 Feb 2021

 Dr. Aditi Apte    

 Vitamin D deficiency as the risk of respiratory tract infections in the institutionalized elderly: A prospective 1-year cohort study

 30.  13 Feb 2021

 Ms. Rutuja Patil    

 Bridging research integrity and global health epidemiology (BRIDGE) statement: guidelines for good epidemiological practice

 31.  27 Jan 2021

 Dr. Shrish Raut    

 Utilisation, equity and determinants of full antenatal care in India: analysis from the National Family Health Survey 4

 32.  06 Jan 2021

 Mr. Vivek Pakhare    

 Occupational hazards and health problems among traffic personnel of Mangaluru city



 Date of   Presentation                  
 Name of the Presenter                                                     

 Topic of the Presentation             


 1.  23 Dec 2020

 Mr. Omkar Godase    

 Gut, oral and skin microbiome of Indian patrilineal families reveal perceptible association with age

 2.  17 Dec 2020

  Ms. Akansha Chaudhari    

 Prevalence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis among Category II pulmonary tuberculosis patients

 3.  09 Dec 2020

  Dr. Sudipto Roy    

 Randomised comparison of two household survey modules for measuring stillbirths and neonatal deaths in five countries: the Every Newborn-INDEPTH study'

 4.  02 Dec 2020

  Dr. Sudipto Roy    

 Public Health Policy and Experience of the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic in Pune, India

 5.  26 Nov 2020

  Dr.Varsha Maske-Sorgiokar    

 Comparison of outcomes at 6 weeks following postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device insertions by doctors and nurses in India: a case–control study

 6.  18 Nov 2020

  Ms. Snigdha Gupta    

 Nosocomical Infection of Malnourished Patients in an Intensive Care Unit

 7.  04 Nov 2020

  Ms. Mrudula Holkar.    

 Successfully Engaging Private Providers to Improve Diagnosis, Notification, and Treatment of TB and Drug-Resistant TB: The EQUIP Public-Private Model in Chennai, India

 8.  28 Oct 2020

  Dr. Rohan Shah    

 Exposure to household air pollution from biomass cookstoves and blood pressure among women in rural honduras: a cross-sectional study

 9.  15 Oct 2020

  Dr. Ankita Shrivastava    

 Developing the ethics of implementation research in health

 10.  07 Oct 2020

  Dr. Girish Dayma    

 First Human Challenge Testing of a Pneumococcal Vaccine Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial

 11.  30 Sep 2020

  Ms. Diksha Singh    

  Anxiety and depression—Important psychological comorbidities of COPD

 12.  21 Sep 2020

  Dr. Aditi Apte    

 Iron absorption from supplements is greater with alternate day than with consecutive day dosing in iron-deficient anemic women

 13.  16 Sep 2020

  Dr. Sudipto Roy    

 Feasibility of implementation of simplified management of young infants with possible serious bacterial infection when referral is not feasible in tribal areas of Pune district, Maharashtra, India

 14.  09 Sep 2020

 Dr. Harshpreet Kaur    

 The Impact Of Pulmonary Rehabilitation on Severe Physical Inactivity in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Pilot Study

 15.  09 Sep 2020

 Dr. Rupali Chavan    

 Social gradients in self-reported health and well-being among adults aged 50 and over in Pune District, India

 16.  02 Sep 2020

 Dr. Shrish Raut    

 Coronavirus disease 2019 in pregnant women: a report based on 116 cases

 17.  27 Aug 2020

 Ms. Rutuja Patil    

 A Framework to Prioritise Health Research Proposals for Funding: Integrating Value for Money

 18.  19 Aug 2020

 Sindhu Nila   

 Remdesivir in adults with severe COVID-19: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial

 19.  18 Aug 2020

 Dr. Sulkahana Bansode   

 Assessment of risk of intussusception after pilot rollout of rotavirus vaccine in the indian public health system

 20.  12 Aug 2020

 Dr. Aditi Apte    

 Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Improve Gross Motor and Problem-Solving Skills in Young North Indian Children: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

 21.  5 Aug 2020

 Dr. Girish Dayma    

 Maternal immunisation

 22.  29 Jul 2020

 Dr. Varsha Maske   

 Women’s experience with postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device use in India

 23.  22 Jul 2020

 Dr. Mrudula Holkar   

 Tuberculosis notification in a private tertiary care teaching hospital in South India: a mixed-methods study

 24.  15 Jul 2020

 Dr. Alma Baptist   

 Co-occurrence of early diabetes-related complications in adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes: an observational cohort study

 25.  1 Jul 2020

 Snigdha Gupta   

 Nosocomial infection among patients with COVID-19: A retrospective data analysis of 918 cases from a single center in Wuhan, China

 26.  24 Jun 2020

 Dr. Rohan Shah   

 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on health system & Sustainable Development Goal 3

 27.  10 Jun 2020

 Dr. Aditi Apte    

 Healthcare workers & SARS-CoV-2 infection in India: A case-control investigation in the time of COVID-19 Indian J Med Res, Epub ahead of print DOI: 10.4103/ijmr.IJMR_2234_20

 28.  03 Jun 2020

 Dr. Ankita Shrivastava   

 Theoretical and conceptual framework: Mandatory ingredients of a  quality research

 29.  27 May 2020

 Ms. Sindhu Nila   

 High Prevalence of Stroke in Rural Gadchiroli, India: A Community-Based Study

 30.  25 May 2020

 Dr. Anand Kawade   

 Immunogenicity and safety of the Vi-CRM197 conjugate vaccine against typhoid fever in adults, children, and infants in south and southeast Asia: results from two randomised, observer-blind, age de-escalation, phase 2 trials

 31.  21 May 2020

 Mr. Shriram Sadafal   

 Using the INDEPTH HDSS to build capacity for chronic non-communicable disease risk factor surveillance in low and middle-income countries

 32.  20 May 2020

 Dr. Dhiraj Agarwal   

 Use if spirometry amongst chest physicians and respiratory physicians in India

 33.  19 May 2020

 Dr. Bhagyashri Paigude   

 Self-Reported Prevalence of Chronic Diseases and Their Relation to Selected Socio demographic Variables: A Study in INDEPTH Asian Sites, 2005

 34.  18 May 2020

 Dr. Sudhir Kashid   

 Tuberculosis Control in Rural India: lessons from public-private collaboration

 35.  17 May 2020

 Mr. Manoj Dagwar   

 Social factors and overweight: evidence from nine Asian INDEPTH Network sites

 36.  16 May 2020

 Mr. Shrikant Masalkar   

 Non-interference of Bovine-Human reassortant pentavalent rotavirus vaccine ROTASIIL with the immunogenicity of infant vaccines in comparison with a licensed rotavirus vaccine

 37.  15 May 2020

 Mr. Prakash Hurali   

 A randomized Phase III clinical trial to assess the efficacy of a bovine human reassortant pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in Indian infants

 38.  13 May 2020

 Ms. Diksha Singh   

 Psychosocial stress associated with sanitation practices: Experience of women in a rural community setting

 39.  09 May 2020

 Dr. Kavita Tibhe    

 Public-Private Partnership for Providing Quality HealthCare Services in India– Vadu Rural Health Program Experience

 40.  08 May 2020

 Dr. Rupali Chavan   

 A comparative study to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of two lots of Haemophilus Influenzae type B conjugate vaccine manufactured at different scales

 41.  07 May 2020

 Dr. Sulakshana Bansode   

 Iron Fortification of Whole Wheat Flour Reduces Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia and Increases Body Iron Stores in Indian School-Aged Children

 42.  06 May 2020

 Dr. Harshpreet Kaur   

 Developing and evaluating complex interventions: the MRC guidance

 43.  04 May 2020

 Dr. Ravi Vishwakarma    

 Self-reported use of tobacco products in nine rural INDEPTH Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems in Asia

 44.  01 May 2020

 Dr. Ashit Meshram    

 Low dose ‘Sprinkles’ - An innovative Approach to Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia in Infants and Young Children

 45.  30 Apr 2020

 Dr. Uday Kirtane   

 A phase III open label, randomized, active controlled study to assess safety,immunogenicity and lot-to-lot consistency of a bovine-human reassortant pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in indian infants

 46.  29 Apr 2020

 Dr. Rahul Dalvi   

 Determinants and patterns of care-seeking for childhood illness in rural Pune District, India

 47.  28 Apr 2020

 Dr. Shilanand Dhole    

 Incidence of Influenza- associated hospitalization in rural communities in western and northern India, 2010-2012: A multi-site population based study.

 48.  27 Apr 2020

 Dr. Bharat Patil    

 Recapitulation of Ayurveda constitution types by machine learning of phenotypic traits

 49.  26 Apr 2020

 Dr. Shirish Bhujbal   

 Availability and Satisfactoriness of latrines and hand washing stations in health facilities, and role in health seeking behavior of women: evidence from rural Pune district, India

 50.  24 Apr 2020

 Dr. Sudipto Roy   

 Burden of Seasonal and Pandemic InfluenzaAssociated Hospitalization during and after 2009 A(H1N1)pdm09 Pandemic in a Rural Community in India

 51.  23 Apr 2020

 Dr. Pritam Darwade    

 Comparing the performance of indicators of hand washing practices in rural India

 52.  22 Apr 2020

 Ms. Rutuja Patil    

 Using Normalization Process Theory in feasibility studies and process evaluations of complex healthcare interventions: a systematic review

 53.  22 Apr 2020

 Dr. Suyog Deshmukh   

 Understanding the association between the human gut, oral & skin microbiome and the Ayurvedic concept of prakruti

 54.  21 Apr 2020

 Ms. Tejal Bhandari   

 Ethical considerations in the use of GPS-based movement tracking in health research – lessons from a care-seeking study.

 55.  20 Apr 2020

 Dr. Arbina Mujawar   

 Ethical challenges and lessons learned during the clinical development of a Group A Meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

 56.  18 Apr 2020

 Dr. Pooja Khamkar   

 Efficacy of a monovalent human-bovine (116E) rotavirus vaccine in Indian infants: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

 57.  17 Apr 2020

 Dr. Anil Pardeshi   

 Immunogenicity and safety of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine delivered by disposable-syringe jet injector in India: A randomized, parallel group, non-inferiority trial

 58.  15 Apr 2020

 Dr. Shrish Raut   

 The association between Zika virus infection and microcephaly in Brazil 2015–2017: An observational analysis of over 4 million births

 59.  13 Apr 2020

 Dr.Arunkumar Gondhali   

 Estimating the incidence of enteric fever in India

 60.  12 Apr 2020

 Ms. Ashwini Andhale   

 Demographic surveillance over 12 years helps elicit determinants of low birth weights in India

 61.  11 Apr 2020

 Ms. Sarika Deshmukh    

 Immunogenicity and lot-to-lot consistency of a ready to use liquid bovine-human reassortant pentavalent rotavirus vaccine (ROTASIIL - Liquid) in Indian infants

 62.  10 Apr 2020

 Ms. Komal Advani   

 Severity of Pneumonia in Under 5-year old children from developing countries: A multicenter, prospective and observational study

 63.  09 Apr 2020

 Dr. Sanket Avachat   

 Non-specific and sex-differential effects of vaccinations on child survival in rural western India

 64.  08 Apr 2020

 Dr. Rahul Shrivastava   

 Mapping the Evidence on the Effectiveness of Telemedicine Interventions in Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Hypertension: An Umbrella Review of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses. Journal of Med Internet Research

 65.  07 Apr 2020

 Dr. Shrutika Kand   

 Promoting LPG usage during pregnancy: A pilot study in rural Maharashtra, India

 66.  06 Apr 2020

 Ms. Sonal Kotkar   

 Delayed vaccination and its predictors among children under 2 years in India: Insights from the national family health survey–4

 67.  04 Apr 2020

 Ms. Dipali Patil   

 Immunogenicity and lot-to-lot consistency of a ready to use liquid bovine-human reassortant pentavalent rotavirus vaccine (ROTASIIL - Liquid) in Indian infants

 68.  03 Apr 2020

 Dr. Ravi Vishwakarma   

 Seroprevalence and incidence of primary dengue infections among children in a rural region of Maharashtra, Western India

 69.  02 Apr 2020

 Dr. Makarand Ghorpade   

 Promoting LPG use during pregnancy A pilot study in rural Maharashtra

 70.  01 Apr 2020

 Dr. Aditi Apte   

 Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents – In Press 17 March 2020 – DOI: 10.1016/j.ijantimicag.2020.105949



 Date of   Presentation                  
 Name of the Presenter                                                     

 Topic of the Presentation             


 1.  28 Mar 2019

 Dr. Pallavi Lele    

 Estimating influenza disease burden among pregnant women: Application of self-control method

 2.  13 Mar 2019

 Dr. Aditi Apte    

 A Pregnancy Cohort to Study Multidimensional Correlates of Preterm Birth in India: Study Design, Implementation, and Baseline Characteristics



 Date of   Presentation                  
 Name of the Presenter                                                     

 Topic of the Presentation             


 1.  14 Dec 2018

 Ms. Rutuja Patil and Dr. Sudipto Roy    

 Literature Search Strategies

 2.  28 Feb 2018

 Dr. Arunkumar Gondhali    

 PCV altered dose schedule study



 Date of   Presentation                  
 Name of the Presenter                                                     

 Topic of the Presentation             


 1.  27 Nov 2017

 Dr. Pravin Sawant    

 Cultural Epidemiology of Pandemic Influenza in urban and rural Pune, India: a cross-sectional, mixedmethods study

 2.  06 May 2017

 Dr. Supriya Shah    

 Suvarnaamrit Prashan - a traditional recipe for child growth and memory enhancement



 Date of   Presentation                  
 Name of the Presenter                                                     

 Topic of the Presentation             


 1.  16 Sep 2016

 Dr. Aditi Apte    

 Effects of community-based sales of micronutrient powders on morbidity episodes in preschool children in Western Kenya Am J Clin Nutr. 2016 March;103(3): 934–941

 2.  20 Jul 2016

 Ms. Rutuja Patil    

 Household Air Pollution Exposures of Pregnant Women Receiving Advanced Combustion Cookstoves in India: Implications for Intervention

 3.  30 Jun 2016

 Dr. Sudipto Roy    

 Use of Placebo in Vaccine Trials: Recommendation of WHO Expert Panel

 4.  19 Apr 2016

 Mr. Lalitkumar Gupta    

 Perspective in Clinical Research on Good Documentation Practice

 5.  16 Apr 2016

 Mr. Siddharth Giri    

 Effectiveness of maternal pertussis vaccination in England: an observational study

 6.  23 Feb 2016

 Ms. Rutuja Patil    

 Does health intervention research have real world policy and practice impacts: testing a new impact assessment tool


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