Project Students

Sr. NoReport titleProjectStudent NameGuide from Vadu HDSSYear of Submission
1 A prototype for the data sharing building capacity in data management iSHARE Srikanth Adepu Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2007
2 Developing health and demographic surveillance system HDSS Software Nilesh Kr. Soni Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2007
3 Developing health and demographic surveillance system HDSS Software Padma Khuha Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2007
4 Modeling Accessibility of Health Facilities using GIS GIS Vijendra Ingole and Dadasaheb Dokhe Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2008
5 Data warehousing iSHARE Nidhi Patharia Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2008
6 Developing health and demographic surveillance system iSHARE Neeraj Kashyap Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2008
7 Web Based Spatial Information System For Rautwadi Village,Shirur Taluka, Pune District. In Maharashtra. GIS Miss. Wagh Minakshi, Miss. Harel Rajeshwari  and Miss. Hegadkar Nutan  Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2008
8 ETL operation using clover ETL for integrating demographic data iSHARE T. Bhargava Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
9 Writing and testing stored procedures for iSHARE iSHARE Ajaya Muchalambe Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
10 ETL operation using clover ETL for integration demographic data iSHARE V. Naga Karthika Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
11 Optimization stored procedure for iSHARE iSHARE Parag Tirthgirikar Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
12 Prototype for data integration among HDSS institutes using SAS iSHARE L.S.V.Krishna Chaitanya Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
13 Writing and testing stored procedures for iSHARE iSHARE D.R Bharani Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
14 TISS, Mumbai Dr. Preeti H. Wasnik Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
15 iSHARE Amar Navkar Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
16 Centralized Data Sharing System. iSHARE Varun Gaur Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
17 iSHARE (development) iSHARE Nagesh Navale Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
18 iSHARE (documentation) iSHARE Shrikishna Koranne Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
19 iSHARE (ETL and documentation) iSHARE Mansi Kathuria Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
20 iSHARE (development) iSHARE Shyam Joshi Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
21 iSHARE (development) iSHARE Sandeep Reddy Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2009
22 Development of information management solution for PNGIMR-HDSS  iSHARE Paladugu Sunil Kumar Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2011
23 Study On Anemia Among Non-School Going Adolescent Females Living In Industrial Zone Of Pune District  Health Science Miss. Arti Mane  Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2011
24 a. A study on feeding practices of children in Perne Village, Pune                 b. A study to Explore the reasons for under reporting of under 5 mortality in Perane village ,Pune. TISS Dr. Sharayu Shinde Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2011
25 a. A study for evaluation of surveillance done on under-five mortality by Health and Demographic Surveillance system in Perne village.         b. Community Profile of Shirur, Block, Pune district TISS Dr. Pooja Sharma Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2011
26 Environmental Engineering and Indoor air Pollution John Hopkins Jesse P Negherbon Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2011
27 Documentation and testing of ETL automation process of iSHARE iSHARE Yashi Singh Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2011
28 Automation of ETL process of iSHARE iSHARE Sai Kiran Dr. Sanjay Juvekar 2011
29 Study of Antibiotics among outpatients in Vadu, HDSS, India SKNCOP, Pune Vivek Tapkir Md. Hanif Shaikh 2012
30 Study of effect of Valproic acid on serum lipid profile and liver function test in epileptic patients SKNCOP, Pune Sachin Khot Md. Hanif Shaikh 2012
31 Clinical trials-Total quality systems and their breakdown effects Master Project (MBA) Parveen Shaikh Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
32 To study influence of promotional strategy of pharma company on prescription pattern of doctors Master Project (MBA) Dhiren Nahar Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
33 Study of marketing promotional strategies for ratavirus vaccine in indian market Master Project (MBA) Vrushali Patil Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
34 Training for administrative function at KEMHRC Vadu Master Project (MBA) Vaishali Argade Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
35 Effectiveness of Bovine Colostrum in treatment of Influenza like Illness (ILI) in pediatric patients Master Project (M.Pharm) Ravindra Kakade Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
36 To study adverse events occurred among study participants, enrolled in oral rotavirus vaccine (BRV-PV) phase-III, efficacy clinical trial in KEMHRC Vadu. Master Project (M.Pharm) Dipali Patil Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
37 To study the Drug Utilization Pattern in Rural Community of Vadu HDSS Master Project (M.Pharm) Shriram Sadafal Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
38 To study the antibiotcs usage among hospitalised pediatric patients in rural area of pune district Master Project (M.Pharm) Sarika Shelke Md. Hanif Shaikh 2016
39 Study of factors motivating participants to take part into and continue in the community based clinical trials at Vadu. Master Project (M.Pharm) Supriya Bora Md. Hanif Shaikh 2017
40 To study Pharmaco-economics of hospitalization (Reported SAE) occurred during Phase-III clinical trial in India. Master Project (M.Pharm) Akshay Avachat Dr. Anand Kawade 2017
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